VANGOGH FPA sired by the famous and proven race horse OKBA. OKBA raced in Tunisia and Oman

for a total of 25 races, winning 14 and placing second in ten of the twenty-five races. In the United States, 88% of OKBA’s get are race WINNERS, and 16% are STAKES WINNERS.
There were only thirty-seven offspring in the United States, with twenty-five of those racing with a Lifetime Earnings of $750,000.

OKBA’s get have not only proven hearty at the track, but in endurance as well. There are six known OKBA get that are currently racing or have raced in endurance.

Perhaps the most famous is TEVIS WINNER, FRENCH OPEN. Owned and trained by Hillorie Bachmann, FRENCH OPEN has 880 endurance miles, 19/20 completions,

three Best Condition Awards and three First Place Awards. Four of the six endurance horses have multiple first place awards and a minimum of one best conditions award. Two of the six endurance horses have FINISHED TEVIS.

VANGOGH FPA’s dam is VAGUE DE GEMME, sired by BACO DU CASSOU. VAGUE DE GEMME has produced TWO STAKES WINNERS, LUCK SAND AND SAND VICTOR. Her five offspring have grossed LIFETIME Earnings of $66,833.

Stud Fee: $500; $750 Frozen Semen for Export, LFG
Semen Transport Available: Cooled and Frozen

Nominations: Arabian Racing Cup; Texas Accredited Sire


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